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Nitrogen from the socket

Produce your nitrogen inexpensive, environmentally friendly and independent self

Nitrogen self-generation with the nitrogen generators of AIRTECH

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By producing the nitrogen locally no need for expensive transport costs, rents and fuel tanks. It only requires a power supply. The nitrogen can be fed directly in-house lines and is available at all times.
Whether your company operates in the chemical production, the electronics industry or food industry, specializes in laser cutting applications or packaging process. In all areas a reliable supply of nitrogen is crucial.
Many companies look at nitrogen even as the fourth most important resource for gas, electricity and water.

Nitrogen at a minimal cost

CEO Ralf Hacker is the owner of AIRTECH nitrogen GmbH and successfully run a business since 1996. His company focuses on the development of efficient PSA nitrogen generators on providing a cost-effective, reliable and safe nitrogen production for its customers. Ralf Hacker and his team are working to develop innovative products and flexible solutions in partnership with various companies together.

AIRTECH also provides you with reliable, environmentally friendly and advanced nitrogen gas generators, the flexible solution for nitrogen generation in your business at minimal cost. Talk to us, we will be happy to provide you with further information. So that you continue the production of nitrogen efficiently on in your business, environmentally friendly, economical and thus be able to realize permanent cost-effective for you.

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AIRTECH technique

Convincing technology combined with quality components and durability of gas production plants is our mission. And with virtually infinite service life (see also advantages of our systems engineering).

At AIRTECH you acquire not only a nitrogen gas generator, purchase a complete investment system for the production of nitrogen. A stand-alone solution, the only only requires a compressed air connection for the entry of compressed air and a nitrogen connection for the exit. If required, we provide of course a suitable compressed air supply of the same. And already, nitrogen efficiently, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and independently by yourself produced.

AIRTECH products - always the right choice !

  • made in Germany
  • highest quality
  • minimal operating expenses
  • unlimited lifetime
  • individual nitrogen purity
  • environmentally friendly
  • always available
  • independently
  • transportable


Cost nitrogen production

Lease is an alternative

Our domestic customers, we also offer the lease of our equipment. Depending on the duration and size of the plant are best available room rates starting from 149,00 Euro per month possible. Do not hesitate to contact us to this possibility of financing.

Benefits of lease-purchase of AIRTECH products:
  • manageable costs
  • variable maturities

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