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Nitrogen Generators SGL-series

Foto SG-Serie

AIRTECH nitrogen generators SGL-series are used for cost-effective and environmentally friendly production of nitrogen directly at the place of consumption. The nitrogen is thereby generated directly by the decomposition of the ambient air. All you need is a power connector, and the nitrogen can be fed immediately into the household mains / bundle.

Nitrogen - the gas for all cases

  • AIRTECH nitrogen generators Made in Germany
  • proven technology, unlimited lifetime
  • Your own independent nitrogen supply
  • always available
  • individual nitrogen purity your application
  • low operating expenses for additional efficiency
  • Standard - or customized special equipment
  • AIRTECH expertise of the highest class

Technical Specifications

  • Flow rate from 1,1 bis 20 Nm³/h
  • Purity of from 95% to 99.999%

Product SGL-series

Further technical details and production formations on the AIRTECH nitrogen generators of the SGL series, please see the following PDF file (download 314 KB):

Download PDF file

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